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Is there an age limit to Orthodontic treatment?

This is a common question we get asked all the time. Teeth shift with age, and some adults have found that their previously straight teeth have become overcrowded and crooked. This could cause jaw pain and make it difficult to clean the teeth. If you’ve always dreamed of a straighter smile but never had braces as a teenager, you may be wondering whether it’s “too late” to straighten your teeth.

Here’s the good news: as long as your teeth and gums are healthy, it’s never too late to straighten them! A patient’s need and suitability for orthodontic treatment is not determined by age, but rather on each individual patient’s condition. In fact our oldest patient was 65 years of age! Nothing is more beautiful than an impeccable, sparkling smile, and an attractive smile is a valid reason to want braces. But prettier teeth is not the only reason to undergo orthodontic treatment. A bad bite can be the result of many problems, or can lead to problems that result in tooth loss in later life.

What are my options?

Now, through improved technology and techniques, orthodontics for adults can, in most cases, give perfect, lasting results. Nowadays, braces are comfortable, smaller and less visible than in days gone by. Here are some of the latest treatment options we offer:

  • The Damon braces are self-ligating low friction allowing the arch wire to move freely and that means less force, faster treatment, fewer adjustment visits and far less discomfort and pain than ever before.

  • The Clear Ceramic braces are worn just like metal braces, but they are the color of your teeth, so they are much less noticeable. They are more delicate than metal braces, so you need to be more careful of what you eat.

  • The Invisalign system is also a discreet, effective teeth straightening alternative that's effective for adults of all ages.

  • The Lingual Hidden braces that are worn on the back of your teeth and are completely hidden could be another discreet option for your orthodontic needs.

Does treatment differ with older patients?

When treating adults, we aim to keep things simple and treatment times down to a year to a year and a half. As you might expect, adults often have dental issues that younger patients don’t such as missing teeth, severe wear or gum disease. Adults’ facial bones have also stopped growing. So, we modify our treatment accordingly.

If you’re now convinced braces will be a good investment for you, we welcome you to call our office on 01 472 1134 to arrange your Initial Consultation. You may be surprised to know that you won’t be getting a mouth full of metal. If you need braces, it’s never too late to benefit from them!


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