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Orthodontist or Dentist?

Choose The Right Professional
Should you see a dentist or an orthodontist for your orthodontic problem? An orthodontist specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of teeth and jaw alignment issues. An orthodontist is a qualified specialist who has first trained to become a dentist, and then undertaken a further three year postgraduate course at Masters or Doctorate level. Once qualified, an orthodontist will usually only provide orthodontic treatment, so they quickly develop their skills and treat a wide range of cases, from the mild to the highly complex. A list of registered specialist orthodontists is available on the Irish Dental Council's website.

General dentists can provide orthodontic treatment and some do so to a very high standard. However, in most cases they are unlikely to have the same level of experience and training as a specialist orthodontist. After all, you wouldn’t visit your GP for specialised eye surgery!

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