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Kids and Teens

When to Start Treatment

The most common time for orthodontic treatment is at the age of adolescent (age 11-15).  The reason being is that by age 12 most permanent teeth have erupted.  Moreover, it is easy to detect crooked teeth, bad bites, and gap teeth during this age range.  


Another benefit besides fitting in with their friends, teens at this age are growing rapidly, and the orthodontist has a better chance of taking advantage of these growth spurts to help improve the patients bite and teeth.  Increased metabolism can help decrease the treatment time and decrease the discomfort of orthodontic treatment.


This is the best time to start treatment, because the teens are typically eager to wear braces.  Also, most of their friends are wearing braces, and they enjoy fitting in.  At the same time, the parent enjoys their child’s enhanced smile and cooperation during treatment.


Call us for an initial examination to help you determine the best time for the treatment to begin.

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