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We're Proud of Our Reputation

Read what our patients have to say about their experience with Dr. Kostas and his team.

I cannot say enough good things about the quality of service I have received from Dr. Kostas throughout my treatment. He is most definitely a perfectionist which is exactly what you want when it comes to your teeth. I put all of my trust into him and could not be happier with my results- I literally CANNOT stop smiling:)

Rebecca Clarke  [Oct 2018]

My daughter and I have completed our treatment with Dr.Kostas. His energy and enthusiasm to perfect the small imperfections got us both fantastic results. Great attention to detail. Highly skilled. Fantastic journey from beginning to end. We got our braces on the same day! We couldn't be happier. Highly recommended.

Emma Nolan  [Oct 2018]

From my very first consultation with Kostas, he was very patient during procedures, thorough and always happy to answer questions or hear my concerns. I had fixed braces for both upper and lower teeth, which we thought would take 24 months. My treatment actually finished around 4 months sooner which I was delighted with. During my periodic visits, Kostas was always warm, helpful and works very efficiently. He is happy to answer any questions and always explains what he is about to do before he does it during procedures, which is a great relief for sometimes nervous patients like myself. I was overjoyed with the final result once my braces came off, and couldn't believe the difference that 20 months could make to my teeth before I came in. I only regret I didn't get them done sooner. Kostas is an outstanding professional, and I would heartily recommend treatment with him.

Noreen Lenihan  [Aug 2018]

Dr. Kostas and all the staff did a great job of explaining everything to me in advance and guiding me through each step. They were friendly and considerate to my needs, which helped relieve any stress or worries I had about getting braces. They did a fantastic job and I am delighted with the results. I would highly recommend Dr. Kostas if you're considering getting braces.

Declan Mulhall  [Jul 2018]

Excellent experience. Good appointment scheduling, efficient and pleasant service. Would highly recommend.

Sorcha T  [Jul 2018]


Dr. Kostas and team were so professional and helpful from the moment I started my treatment to end. I couldn’t recommended more highly, I’m so pleased with my results.

Nicola Coughlan  [Jul 2018]

Couldn't recommend Dr Kostas and the team more. They were always lovely and accommodating with my time. Absolutely delighted with my teeth in the end couldn't ask for a better result. My teeth were incredibly bad beforehand and to see the difference is huge.

Kellie Hughes  [Jun 2018]

I am the mother of Diego Sherrard. Thanks a lot for the good work fixing Diego´s teeth. There is a huge difference observing the photos between before and after.

Ana Ramirez  [May 2018]

I have been recommending Dr. Kostas and his team to everyone who asked about my braces experience! As someone who needed orthodontic work for years but terrified of the dentist Dr. Kostas, the nurses and reception staff were always so lovely and pleasant. Each visit was quick and my treatment was complete in just a year and a half. I'm absolutely thrilled with the results.  

Siobhan McLoughlin  [Mar 2018]

Thanks to Dr. Kostas and his team I now have the perfect smile, couldn't be happier with the results. The whole process from start to end was clearly explained, and the time flew by. Can't recommend him enough, 5*

Simon McGloin  [Feb 2018]

As an adult I was nervous about getting braces and was expecting a long term treatment. The treatment lasted for much shorter period that I expected and I have received an excellent result. I would certainly recommend Dr Kostas' practice.

Rita W.  [Jan 2018]

Great experience and so happy with the results. All the staff were very friendly and professional. Dr Kostas was great and was able to adjust my treatment plan when I was sent aboard for work for a few months at short notice. He spent time cleaning and building up my teeth after the braces came off so there was no need to get them whitened. Would recommend him to anyone.

Kate Monahan  [Nov 2017]

I would highly recommend Dr. Kostas if you are considering any orthodontic treatment. The professional service and helpful advice he provided from the time of my initial consultation to my final appointment was second to none. The whole team were always efficient, friendly, and helpful too. All of my appointments started on time. My treatment lasted 17 months and I was delighted with the results. Thanks again to Dr. Kostas and his team for all their hard work.!

James Richardson  [Nov 2017]


Couldn’t be happier with how my teeth turned out. Dr. Kostas & his team were super helpful and professional in the 16 months I was in my braces. Kostas has a great eye for detail and is a perfectionist - which is just what you want when it comes to your teeth! While this may have been my only experience with an Orthodontist I can honestly say that I couldn’t have gotten a better one. From the very beginning right up until I collected my nighttime retainer I felt confident that my teeth would turn out great with the help of Dr. Kostas. Thanks again!

Dave Purcell  [Oct 2017]

From the first consultation I knew this guy was going to do a good job. Kostas’ attention to detail and strive for perfection was clear. He even worked around a dodgy crown of mine and was not deterred until braces came off. Himself and his team are a great bunch. Thank you guys!

Amine Charallah  [Oct 2017]

Thank you so much Dr Kostas for transforming my smile. I am absolutely delighted with the results. If you are in need of orthodontic care, this is the place to go. Dr Kostas and his team were very professional and helpful throughout my whole treatment. I was always insecure about my smile and now I am getting compliments wherever I go.

Virag Detre  [Sep 2017]

Delighted with my orthodontic treatment from Dr. Kostas and the team at Smiles. Dr. Kostas is a perfectionist. I was well cared for during my treatment with the result exceeding my expectations. Highly recommend!

Sinéad McCabe  [Sep 2017]

Extremely happy with the result from my orthodontic treatment with Dr. Kostas at smiles. Dr. Kostas is very thorough and very skilled at his job. I would highly recommend this practice for orthodontic treatment. All the staff at Smiles are very friendly and welcoming. You will be in very good hands on your orthodontic journey with Dr. Kostas and the team.

Eimear White  [Aug 2017]

Dr Kostas and his team treat their patients with exceptional care and attention. I am thrilled with the result and would highly recommend them. 5 star service!

Laura Feely  [Aug 2017]

Dr Kostas has looked after both my children's teeth. I am absolutely delighted with both results. Their teeth have turned out even better than I could have hoped. I would recommend Dr Kostas to anyone looking for the perfect result!! Staff are all friendly & professional. Thank you from Alice & Tom.

Barbara-Anne Kelly  [Aug 2017]

I had a very positive experience under the care of Dr. Kostas and his team. Throughout my treatment I felt that I could go to them if I had any questions. They were always very helpful. I am very happy with the results and would highly recommend them. To Dr. Kostas and the team, thanks again for your care over the past two years.

Mairead Cosgrove  [Aug 2017]

Dr Kostas and his team were brilliant and so professional! I'm incredibly happy with how my teeth turned out and with the service I received. As someone who had previously been nervous about visits to the dentist, I was put completely at ease and no longer worry about dentist or orthodontist appointments!

Emma Lynch  [Jul 2017]

From the first appointment to the last, my daughter Jessica has received exemplary care from Kostas, the orthodontist who has been friendly and excellent in his treatment and the nurses. We have also has excellent care from the administrative staff who have been constantly friendly, patient and flexible with appointments.

Isobel Mahon  [Jul 2017]

Very professional. I felt very relaxed and at ease under Dr Kostas care. I was well informed throughout of the treatment process.  Also, well cared for and professionally treated by Dr Kostas' excellent team. 

Diarmuid Deegan  [Jul 2017]

I have had a fantastic experience with Dr. Kostas and the team. Words cannot express how happy I am with the whole treatment and the results. I love my new smile!

Julita Juszczyszyn  [Jun 2017]

I have just finished my orthodontic treatment with Dr Kostas and could not be happier with the results. Dr Kostas and his team were very professional and helpful throughout my treatment. Dr Kostas takes the time to explain the full process at the beginning of the treatment and continues to update you on your progress throughout the process. My treatment involved wisdom teeth removal, braces and jaw surgery and Dr. Kostas managed the whole process, including on-going consultation with my surgeon. I would strongly recommend Dr Kostas to anyone considering orthodontics.

Robert O'Toole  [Jun 2017]

Dr. Kostas and his team are an impressive outfit. I am very pleased with the results of my orthodontic treatment and, based on my experience, would have no hesitation recommending Dr. Kostas.

John Darmody  [May 2017]

A great experience from start to finish. The team were friendly helpful and professional at all times. Would highly recommend Dr. Kostas and his team.

Jennifer O'Mullane  [May 2017]

I really love my new teeth. The results are well worth the treatment. Kostas and his team were also so pleasant and friendly during each check up visit which was very helpful.

Kate Williams  [May 2017]

Amazing results and phenomenal service! Dr. Kostas is transparent about everything from the very first session - the best solution, what he can fix, how much it'll cost and how long it will take. After visiting several orthodontists who said they'd fix my teeth within a year, Dr. Kostas said he'd do it in two and I'd need multiple teeth out! The extra work put into this was so worth it because Dr. Kostas knew exactly what the best treatment for me was. The result is a fab smile that I was proud of on my wedding day! Thank you to all the team for a friendly and professional service that gets results.

Niamh Madden  [Apr 2017]

Dr Kostas I highly recommend. A lovely person with a great team behind him. They were fantastic to deal with and still are to this day. Really put effort into what you need and want. Will continue to be a patient for many more years.

Eric Rafferty  [Apr 2017]

All of the staff were always friendly and helpful to me and Kostas answers any questions you have. What was going to happen to my teeth and the breakdown of the cost was made clear to me from the first consultation.

Aisling Kelly  [Apr 2017]

When my braces were removed ahead of schedule (13th month of 18), I was pleasantly surprised with the transformation in my teeth. Dr Kostas & his team were very friendly, efficient & professional at each stage of my treatment. I highly recommend proceeding with Dr. Kostas if you are thinking of restoring your smile!

John Greene  [Mar 2017]

Dr. Kostas is the Orthodontist you want - a perfectionist! Delighted with the results!

Aoife McCormick  [Mar 2017]

I want to thank Dr. Kostas and his team for their professionalism and attention to detail. I am absolutely delighted with the results and I will recommend your services to anybody considering having orthodontic work done. I was fully advised from the outset as to what the treatment entailed and it was wonderful to hear that my treatment had completed ahead of schedule. I will not only be wearing a beautiful wedding dress on my wedding day but also a beautiful smile.

Susan Cleary  [Mar 2017]

My experience under the care of Dr Kostas was a really positive one. It is a very well run practice, always taking clients on time, very clear explanations for each stage of the process and really nice people to deal with. My experience and results have been so positive that I am now bringing my daughter for her treatment.

Niamh Twyford  [Mar 2017]

From start to finish my experience has been perfect. The care I received was friendly and personalised to my needs. And now I cannot stop smiling!

Delphine Pecastaings  [Feb 2017]

I had a very good time with Dr.Kostas and his team. The service was fantastic. I am delighted with the results and I would recommend Dr.Kostas and his team to anyone who wants a smile for a life time.

Eric Kimani  [Feb 2017]

I would highly recommend Dr. Kostas. I had a really good experience and they were always very friendly. I just had my braces removed and I am thrilled with the result and would like to thank Dr. Kostas and his team.

Erin Wilson  [Jan 2017]

Kostas is an absolute genius and a total gentleman. Nurses are awesome and Jolita (receptionist) is so lovely and accommodating. Can't recommend them enough. So happy with the results. Thanks Kostas your awesome.

Karen Finn  [Jan 2017]

Dr. Kostas was very attentive to the smallest details and the results truly reflect that. Great service and friendly staff, absolutely recommended.

Muath Abahussain  [Dec 2016]

I would like to say a huge thank you to Dr. Kostas and all his team at Smiles. From the first consultation and all throughout the treatment, they all helped my daughter Saoirse feel at ease, answered any questions she may have had and overall made her experience the best it could possibly be. Saoirse is now more confident in herself and has the most beautiful smile she can be proud of.  Thank you all.

Sinead & Saoirse Graham  [Dec 2016]

I am extremely happy with the results. Very professional and friendly team. Dr. Kostas is a very skilled orthodontist and instilled confidence throughout treatment. I would recommend Dr. Kostas to anyone considering braces.

Neil McGeever  [Dec 2016]

I just want to say I was very happy with the treatment I got. Since the first day all the staff was very helpful and made me comfortable and my dentist was very friendly and gentle with my treatment.

Rachana O'Connor  [Oct 2016]

As a professional in my 30's, I had been toying with the idea of braces for at least 10 years. I was really conscious of a crooked front tooth and it was the only thing I saw in family pictures. I finally took the plunge with Kostas and his team following a recommendation from a friend and 18 months later my life is transformed! The plan was affordable with a monthly payment plan and my teeth look amazing now. Only regret is that I didn't do it 10 years ago. Some orthodontists are cheaper but the quality and service don't compare. Thank you Kostas and the team !! Highly recommend.

Elaine Kearns  [Sept 2016]

I am writing to thank Kostas and his team for all the care and attention given to me during my treatment. I was thrilled with the result and can't believe how well my treatment finished. Thank you very much.

Stephen Parrott  [Sept 2016]

Top quality. Very professional. In over 2 years of before/during/after care, never had 1 aspect I could complain about.

Stephen McDonald  [Sep 2016] 

I am one year post braces and I literally can not say in enough detail how brilliant and amazing both Dr. Kostas and the smiles team have been with me. Having had bad dental experience's with brace's in my teens, Kostas and his team helped me greatly through a three year long maxiofacial and orthodontic journey. I could not be more gratuitous to Kostas for his kind professionalism, and his unwavering dedication to detail in helping me to achieve the smile I had always wanted. Cannot thank you all enough xxx

Shauna Scanlon  [Aug 2016]

I would highly recommend Dr. Kostas and his team for orthodontic treatment. I am very pleased with the overall result and I found Kostas and the team excellent - they were flexible and scheduled my appointments around work and always really friendly. In terms of my treatment, he was thorough and highly professional. My treatment was also completed before its scheduled date, which was great. Overall, I am very pleased with the orthodontist I chose.

Deborah Naylor  [Aug 2016]

The experience was all positive. Friendly and helpful staff, no problem getting appointments arranged around work and holidays. No change to plan and an excellent result. Dr Kostas was friendly and efficient.

Nicola McManus  [Aug 2016]

Throughly delighted, even better than I thought it would be. A very friendly, polite and extremely professional service from Dr Kostas and all the girls. Glad I got it done and would recommend it to anyone else.

Damian Kilbane  [Jul 2016]

I would highly recommend Dr. Kostas. I'm very happy with how my teeth turned out. I will be recommending him to friends and family. He has no nonsense approach. He's efficient and has a good team around him. Thank you Kostas. From a happy customer.

Michelle Cassidy  [Jul 2016]

Thanks to Dr Kostas and his team for super work on my teenage son's teeth over the past two years. Care, consideration and professional expertise paid off to give my son a beautiful and confident smile again.

Sarah Cassidy  [Jun 2016]

Thank you Dr Kostas for the incredibly relaxed, efficient, professional and very reasonable treatment. Our daughter has gained so much confidence thanks to your brilliant work. 18 months later she has the most gorgeous straight teeth! Aisling and all the staff at the South Anne Street clinic are lovely to deal with. Thanks again!

Oda O'Carroll  [May 2016]

I had a great time receiving my treatment here. I am over the moon with my teeth I couldn't be happier. The team are so kind and helpful. I would and will recommend Dr. Kostas and his team to all my family, friends and outsiders. Thanks a million for your help guys!! 

Lauren Ruth  [Apr 2016]

Really impressed with the service received by Dr. Kostas and his team and the follow up throughout the full treatment. Very happy with the result and also to finish few months before the original plan. I would definitely recommend the clinic.

Alessandro Pellegrini  [Apr 2016]

Kostas and his team were extremely professional and friendly throughout the treatment period. They were always available should I need them in an emergency. My wedding date was scheduled after the proposed finish date but my teeth unfortunately did not get that memo. Kostas ensured that I had the perfect smile for the big day and also when I eventually finished the treatment. I cannot thank Kostas and his team enough for ensuring that I can smile with confidence and that my dental health will be better in the long run.

Brioni Somers  [Feb 2016]

Huge thanks to Dr. Kostas and his team for the amazing results to my son's teeth. Amazing staff , super support and I would have no hesitation in recommending them for your orthodontic needs. 

Janette O'Rourke  [Jan 2016]

Brilliant experience, professional, friendly, with the best results as goal. Couldn't be happier :)

Silke Schranz  [Dec 2015]

Great work. The whole team are very professional and loved the service I received was brilliant! 

Emma Graham  [Dec 2015]

My experience with Dr. Kostas and his team was wonderful. The treatment lasted less than it was expected and the result is just lovely and I am very satisfied. They are professional and each step of the treatment was explained to me very clearly.

Maria Montigelli  [Dec 2015]

I attended the clinic back in November 2014 to get fixed braces fitted. Subsequently I had several checkup appointments during 2015. The service provided by Dr Kostas and his staff was always professional and punctual. Also they were very accommodating scheduling appointments around my work commitments. Now the braces are off I am delighted with the results. I would recommend this clinic to anyone contemplating orthodontics work.

Nuala Mannion  [Dec 2015]

Lovely staff, great care and I'm very happy with the results. I would highly recommend Dr. Kostas and his team to anyone!!! 

Sandra Progni  [Dec 2015]

I am absolutely delighted with the result of my treatment. I was also very happy with the standard of care and attention throughout the process and highly recommend Kostas to anyone considering orthodontic work.

Blathnaid Harris  [Nov 2015]

During my 20 odd months of having braces, I can say Kostas was an absolute delight. He was very kind and at the end of the day made me have a perfect smile. I am very grateful of have had Kostas as my Orthodontist. My experience with with braces was different but also enjoyable, seeing this transformation over the months is something truly great. I just want to finish of by saying a massive thank you to Kostas.

Usman Akhtar  [Nov 2015]

I would like to thank Dr. Kostas and the extremely polite staff at Smile Orthodontics for the work they did on my teeth, the results are better than I expected and I love my new and improved smile.

Paulius Zeimys  [Oct 2015]

I am absolutely delighted with the results I received from my treatment. Dr. Kostas and the team were amazing all the way through. We received an amazing result just in time for my wedding (ahead of the projected treatment completion). I enjoyed smiling for photographs on my big day - all thanks to the amazing Dr. Kostas

Claire Crowley  [Oct 2015]

Working with Kostas and his team was a very pleasant experience. Every time I had an appointment I was greeted with a smile and a warm welcome. Kostas took the time to explain everything in a way that was easy to understand and if I ever had a question I always felt I could ask Kostas. I'm so glad I chose Smiles and Kostas. He did a great job and I would happily recommend him and his team to everyone.

Diann Cannon  [Oct 2015]

I had put off getting braces for over 10 years. I now have the smile I have always wanted and can thank Kostas and all the girls for that. Kostas is a perfectionist and all the team are so friendly and professional. Can not recommend them enough. Thank you for everything :)

Gráinne Lyons  [Jun 2015]

We are totally delighted with the end result. Leon's teeth look fantastic. Couldn't be happier with our experience. The whole team are so helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Very professional and efficient. Thank you again for all you have done.

Geraldine Sutton  [Jun 2015]

The service and standard of work was great. It was all explained very well to me and I was never confused or unaware of what was going on. I'm incredibly delighted with how my teeth look now and I'm so glad I got braces.

Sadbh Shanahan  [Jun 2015]

Kostas is an excellent orthodontist using high quality materials at a reasonable price. All of the staff, nurses and receptionist, were extremely helpful. I would highly recommend anyone considering orthodontic work to come see them. I'm delighted I did.

Wayne Malone  [May 2015]

Perfection! Kostas is a perfectionist I am thrilled with the results, my teeth are perfect. The entire experience at was one of professional excellence. The team are very friendly and welcoming and Kostas works quickly and is very gentle. I have sensitive teeth but felt no pain through any of the procedures which has not been my experience elsewhere. I cannot recommend them highly enough here.

Jennifer Downey  [May 2015]

Extremely happy with the results of my treatment. The care and advice given to me was excellent and I don’t think I could have got a better result. Dr.Kostas and the girls were always very professional and friendly with me. Thanks a million :) Delighted is an understatement.

Laura Nolan  [Mar 2015]

I would like to thank the staff, who were always happy, helpful and extremely professional. Having braces fitted is a big investment of both time and money, but Dr. Kostas and his team made the the whole experience as pleasant as it possibly could have been. I am extremely happy with the results and I would gladly recommend them to anyone who is considering getting braces.

Kevin Bergin  [Mar 2015]

Some people say your smile is your logo. Smiles Ortho on South Anne Street gave me best logo I could have wished for!! Kostas and the team are absolutely brilliant and friendly, you guys rock!! :D

Hesus Inoma  [Feb 2015]

I'd just like to say a big thanks for the brilliant professional job you did for me. Your estimated time period for the treatment was very accurate and of course the standard of work and quality of service are to the highest standard. The flexible option of evening appointments after work on Tuesdays and Thursday made it all the easier for me during the treatment period. I couldn't recommend Dr. Kostas and his team enough and will have no hesitation in doing so.

John Salley  [Feb 2015]

I was very impressed with Dr. Kostas and his lovely team. It took 7 months to give me the perfect smile and I am thrilled. It was a very clean, professional environment and I felt very comfortable and confident in the treatment I was receiving. I would highly recommend them.

Anna Dearden  [Jan 2015]

I was a patient of Dr. Kostas and his team for over 3 years. I had a number of complicated orthodontic problems which made his job much tougher than normal. What I liked about Dr. Kostas was his honest and pragmatic nature. He was always very realistic about my treatment plan, progress, and deadlines, which I really appreciated. Aisling and the front office team were very kind and took a genuine interest in my progress. I highly recommend Dr. Kostas and team for anyone considering any orthodontic work, regardless of your age, the results are 100% worth all the effort, pain and money!

Marian Garvey  [Dec 2014]

I would like to say a big thank you to Dr. Kostas and all the team. I was a patient for a little over two years due to the orthodontic work I required. Dr. Kostas was honest with me from the start and told me that the work I needed to have done would take time & that I had to be patient. I have to say I'm delighted with the results. Dr. Kostas did an amazing job, and the kindness and patience showed to me by all at Smiles just made the process so much easier. I could not recommend Dr Kostas & his team highly enough!

Vincent Branigan  [Nov 2014]


The most amazing experience of my life. Always felt so welcome - great help. Gave me confidence I've never had... not one bad word to say. Thank you so much for everything. I really am so greatful.. :)

Ann Marie Keogh  [Nov 2014]

Absolutely chuffed with the results. Dr. Kostas thank you so much for your hard work and for putting up with my impatience! The results are fantastic and I am glad I finally took the plunge to get my teeth straighted! Thanks again.

Jason Stanley  [Nov 2014]

Dr. Kostas is a great professional and everything was perfect. No complaints at all; the staff was also very friendly. I also want to mention that in the last 9 months of my treatment I moved back to my country (Spain) and I had to fly back and forth to finish my treatment. I was able to reschedule my appointments when needed, in order to suit my flights. On my last visit Dr. Kostas had very little time to make my retainers; he had them made on the same day and I was able to catch my flight back home! Thank you!

Elena Montes  [Nov 2014]

Getting my braces from Dr Kostas was one of the best decisions I've ever made. My teeth are now absolutely perfect, and most importantly completely healthy!

Irina Subulica  [Oct 2014]

I just want to thank Dr. Kostas and his staff for all the hard work they did for me. Everyone was very professional and courteous. A very quick and professional way to get my smile perfect. I am so happy that I chose Dr.Kostas and I would recommend him to anyone!

Ernesta Kondrasoviene  [Sept 2014]

I had a great one and a half year experience. Dr. Kostas and his team were extremely nice and helpful throughout the whole year, I cannot thank them enough for the smile they gave me! Couldn't have chosen a better place. Thank you for everything :)

Lauren Bridgeman  [Sept 2014]

We were very happy with the service that was provided to my daughter and would gladly recommend Dr. Kostas to anyone requiring orthodontic treatment.

John Adamson  [Aug 2014]

I was a time challenge for Dr. Kostas. I went to see him for the first time in January: I was getting married on summer and wanted to have a perfect smile. Dr. Kostas was the second professional advice I had; the first Orthodontist I visited told me it was impossible to be ready by summer, that it would take at least 18 months. I preferred to have a second advice, because I had in mind it was something more simple, since I had braces already when a was a teenager. Dr. Kostas gave me the good news that it was possible to do it for summer! Everything was perfect, and I was on time for my wedding with a wonderful smile. All the team are extremely professional, careful with all details and made me feel that I was in good hand at all times. Thank you again for having made all this possible!

Anna Escaler  [Jul 2014]

From start to finish, Dr. Kostas and his team were friendly, professional and my son is now very happy with the results of his treatment.  He now has a beautiful set of teeth and a lovely smile. Thank you!

Anne Kenny  [Jul 2014]

I'm just through the 16 months treatment and I couldn't be more happy with the outcome. From the very start the experience has been a very good one. Dr. Kostas is very professional, straightforward and a very nice person too. His team is also super helpful and genuinely nice. The fixed price treatment package was great: no hidden costs or additional extras; what is your calculated cost covers complete treatment and one year aftercare which is great. And the most important: the final result - my new smile - is exceeding expectations!

Agata Vinckier  [Jul 2014]

This Orthodontist and his team are absolutely brilliant. Not only did he do an amazing job on my teeth, they were very accommodating when it came to evening and weekend appointments. Looking back I would have been crazy to go anywhere else. Absolutely stress free from start to finish. I highly recommend Dr Kostas!

Cormac McManus  [Jun 2014]

A huge thank you to Dr. Kostas and all his staff. The level of care I received over the last two and a half years was of the highest standard. Dr. Kostas and all the team were so professional and very friendly! They always put me at ease and were very helpful with any questions I had. I am delighted with the transformation of my teeth, the difference in my before and after pictures is huge! Once again thanks a million for all the help and restoring my confidence in my smile. I am so glad I chose Smile Orthodontics and will continue to recommend them to everyone!

Kim O'Dwyer  [Jun 2014]

Dr. Kostas is seamless in his work and it was almost a relaxing experience visiting him every 8 weeks. I have just received my before & after photos and I'm more than delighted with the final result. The clinic was spotless and the nursing & administration staff particularly friendly everytime I had an appointment. But a special thanks to Dr. Kostas for being a complete professional, a true perfectionist and for giving me something to smile about!

Niamh O'Brien  [May 2014]

I can highly recommend Dr. Kostas and his team as they truly put an amazing smile on my face. I was, like most people, scared, nervous and unsure about the long and tedious process I was about to undertake, but Dr. Kostas guided me through all the options and made my decision so much easier. Dr. Kostas was professional, helpful and supportive and even a bit of a perfectionist. I don't think my teeth could get any more perfect and that is all thanks to Dr. Kostas and his great team.

Natalie Rademeyer  [May 2014]

My Before & After photos really emphasise what a huge difference my treatment has made. I am very happy with the results and I am pleased to say that all the time and expense involved over the last 2 and a half years was worth it. My sincere thanks to Dr. Kostas and his team for the professionalism, attention to detail and good humour during the treatment. It has been a very good experience for me!

Kevin Feenan  [May 2014]

I have been looked after very well by Dr. Kostas and his team of professional and friendly staff. I have recommended Kostas to many friends and will keep doing that. The service received was outstanding. Kostas is a perfectionist, you won't leave until you have a perfect smile! Thank you for all your amazing work! I am delighted with my new teeth!

Monica Piccone  [Apr 2014]

Couldn't be happier with the team and end result. Always flexible and comprehensive with my sensitivity and fears. I would totally recommend Dr Kostas care and expertise.

Vera Rodrigues  [Jan 2014]

Looking back at my Before & After pictures, it's incredible that my teeth can see 'daylight' again. Dr. Kostas, I cannot thank you enough. This has completely changed my life and it was the best decision I've ever made! I cannot stop smiling!! Thank you and to your wonderful staff.

Donna Lu  [Nov 2013]

I can't believe how quick the time went! and how super my smile is now. Dr. Kostas and his team were brilliant and so professional. If anyone is thinking about getting braces - just do it! it is so worth it.

Nicola Jordan  [Nov 2013]

I achieved great results and can finally smile with confidence all thanks to Dr. Kostas. He's very professional and I've seen nothing but great results. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. Thank you for a great experience.

Lujain Alh  [Nov 2013]

I would like to Thank Dr. Kostas and his Team on behalf of my daughter Gemma. Thank you for your professionalism, courteous phone call reminder of appointments and the fabulous results of treatment with her new smile.

Helen Mahon  [Nov 2013]

I would like to say a big thank you to Dr. Kostas for the transfromation of my teeth; really happy with the results and not forgetting all the staff  for making this happen. Would come back again; once again thank you.

Darren Mitchell  [Nov 2013]

Dr. Kostas and staff a big thank you for all the help, assistance and Secretary's were extremely nice and helpful. Excellent result with my teeth I couldn't be happier, only had braces on for 16 months, would recommend you to family and friends. Thank you very much for the beautiful smile :)

Shauna McGeehan  [Nov 2013]

From the moment I walked in for my first consultation Dr. Kostas and his staff were friendly, professional and always at hand to address any questions and concerns I may have had. The results they achieved went beyond my expectations. I went from being the person in pictures looking awkward with pursed lips to being the one up front and ready to smile! I would highly recommend Dr. Kostas.

Ian O'Donnell  [Jul 2013]

Thanks to Dr. Kostas and his team, I finally can smile with pride. It was well worth it!

Jason Fitzharris  [Jun 2013]

Finally after years of covering my mouth when laughing or smiling, and being known as the one who never smiles for photos, I can smile with confidence! Thanks to Dr. Kostas for the new smile and always being so professional and friendly! The entire team have always been helpful and accomodating! I would definitely recommend Dr. Kostas to anyone who is considering treatment!

Sin Ying Ho  [Mar 2013]

All the staff were very friendly and professional. My teeth are now straight and look great. My teeth were so crooked. The time flew past. Definitely worth taking the plunge and getting braces. Dr. Kostas did a great job! Thanks.

Michael Hogan  [Dec 2012]

Dr. Kostas & all the Staff. Thank you all for your lovely service and care and of course the lovely teeth you have given me!

Anja Auhl  [Nov 2012]


To Dr. Kostas & Team, Thank you so much for all your care and attention over the last 20 months. And, thank you for being patient with me. I'm now enjoying my brand new smile :)

Orla Church  [Sept 2012]

To Dr. Kostas and all the Staff. I could have written a million thank-you's and it still wouldn't be enough. You have absolutely changed my life - I never thought I would have a smile I don't have to hide, but you made it possible for me. So thank you for the bottom of my heart!

Sandra McEvoy  [May 2012]

To Dr. Kostas and his team. Thank you for all your fantastic work over the past few years, and for helping me feel like a brand new person.

Niamh Newman  [May 2012]

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